See Anno, Cienno, or C&O Expo?

Well it’s C&O Expo, and it stands for Clubs and Organizations Exposition. The C&O Expo is a two-hour long forum that each club on campus can set up a table to try and draw in new members. This shindig took place right here on campus, Wednesday, August 30, 2016. From 5 o’clock in the evening right up until tear down at 7, Alumni Lane was packed with freshmen, transfers, and returning students itching to find a way to keep themselves busy this year via club enrollment…or they were just passing through on the way to their dorms.

Now, I believe that there is a science to having people come to the table and become interested in a club. Potential newcomers are drawn to four things, in this order: 1.) what type of freebies were being offered (usually food, but not limited to) 2.) a person they wouldn’t mind having something in common with 3.) they are genuinely interested in the club due to an eye-catching sign or paraphernalia on the table and 4.) a ‘member hungry’ shark that traps you into talking in which your only escape is signing up (no one likes these people). This semester, the hot ticket item was from the Student Programming Board who were giving out DIY stuffed animals.

Maybe it’s because I don’t eat in the cafeteria, or that I have a belief that free food is the best food, but this commuter thought that the food was tasty and filling. I don’t remember exactly what was on the menu last year, but I don’t recall going up for seconds like I did this year. Good job Parkhurst.

And if the free food and goodies weren’t enough, those passing through saw many eye catching wonders such as a sweaty wrestling team running through the streets, golden retrievers flaunting their stuffed animals, a life-size Instagram photo frame, a Viking with Madonna-like features, and a cat on a leash.

If you happened to miss all the excitement, be sure to join a club next year during the spring C&O Expo which usually takes place in Moumgis.

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