Hashtag Blessed

The other day, two things happened that put me in my place- in a good way.

The first instance was an interaction I had with a co-worker. As the conversation was unrolling, he asked how I handle all my health issues and obstacles that life throws at me with such optimism. Well, I’ve been sick since I was in kindergarten, so in a sense this is all I know, and in that time I’ve seen miserable people and it’s incredibly discouraging. So, I just laughed and said “I guess I got it from my dad” and we moved on with the conversation.

The second instance was my run in at the pharmacy. I was in a rush and my prescription wasn’t ready so I took a seat, and this literally, crippled lady made her way up to the counter. She fumbled around with her stuff and the pharmacist, extremely behind on work, apologized that she couldn’t help the lady to her car. So since sitting there wasn’t going to rush my prescription, I walked back up to the counter to see if I could help her, to which she gratefully accepted my helping hand. During the five-minute walk to her car (we were walking very slow), she thanked me numerous times for doing this for her. This then lead to her telling me how awful her son treats her and how the rest of her family isn’t around anymore. We made our way to her son’s car and before we reached the door, she thanked me again saying how “no one has ever treated [her] this nicely”, which was obvious as the son yelled at her for taking so long. All I did was walk her out of the store to the car and listen to her.

Now how do these two connect? I promise I didn’t write this blog to toot my own horn (really I didn’t), it’s just that I realized that it’s not hard to be a nice person. Two people took notice of my kindness and they brought it to my attention. When we boil these stories down, all I did was make light of my illnesses and pass the time by walking someone to their car. I have parents who are great role models and they’ve always been optimistic and found the silver lining regardless of the circumstance which then made it easy for me to be positive. Now I’ll admit that I am not cheery all the time, or most of the time for that matter, but if life gives you a chance to be nice, whether it’s by helping someone or even just smiling as you pass by, just do it. Because it’s truly a great feeling being a blessing as it is being blessed.

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