A little Monday night rant for the holiday weekend

Can we all take a second and please get over the fact that Alicia Keys didn’t wear make-up to the VMAs. I mean, we shouldn’t have to get over it because there’s really nothing to get over but since a lot of people decided it was important, here we are. There are a number of reasons why this doesn’t matter….

  1. The first reason this doesn’t matter is because Alicia Keys does not owe us anything. The woman is famous for her music, in fact she has 15 Grammy’s to prove it, so the only thing to be critical about at an award show is her talent, not her looks. When did we stop appreciating artists, actors, and musicians for their work and start only caring about how they look, who they’re with etc.? If you can tell me that Alicia didn’t have make-up on but don’t know what she performed at the actual event, this is a serious issue (in case you were wondering, she performed Fallin AND gave a powerful tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.).
  2. Also, if you have a problem with other women not wearing make-up, it isn’t your face, so get over it! We are all only able to control one person and that’s ourselves. Ever since the social media boom, everyone believes that they get an opinion in everything they see. And while everyone is indeed entitled to an opinion, that doesn’t mean it has to be shared with the world. I get it, sometimes we need to let off steam and just have a good Monday night rant but if  you do feel so inspired to share your opinion with the world, please back it up with fact. Opinion only gets you so far, there has to be some sort of educated conversation
  3. Reason 3: As a girl who never does more than the occasional cover-up, the hype over this completely baffled me. When I saw pictures of her, I was like “finally, someone who doesn’t give a damn about beauty standards.” That’s not to say she didn’t look beautiful because she absolutely did, but she didn’t follow the typical “guidelines” of Hollywood glamour. What I mean by Hollywood glamour is perfect skin, hair, teeth, what have you. The sad thing is that this standard is more for women than men. Why do we want women to cover their faces? Who are we trying to impress? Why have we given into a patriarchal society that makes us hide our flaws for the benefits of others, mainly men?  What’s worse, it’s gotten to the point where women are tearing each other down over these things. We’re fighting against ourselves in a society where we are already the underdog. Instead of hating on her, maybe just be thankful that there are women out there trying to fight the system where we always lose.  If we stopped being confined by our fear of always looking perfect, we’ll have a lot more freedom from the system, and also a lot more time in the morning.

I woke up this morning and came to school without a stitch of make-up and that’s ok. You know what else is ok? Coming to school with a face covered in make-up. What’s not ok is judging someone who makes a different choice than you or believing that you need make-up to be attractive. If you like doing make-up or it makes you feel more confident that day then by all means wear it. But don’t criticize those that make the choice not to wear it. And please don’t perpetuate the idea that women should cover their flaws. We will always lose in the end with that logic. This is an important conversation and we need to talk about it. It might be an uncomfortable topic but women deserve to be free of the fear of constant judgement of how they look. There are some who will say that patriarchy isn’t real or that women have more agency than we think. If you want proof that this is completely untrue, just ask the next person you see what Alicia Keys did at the VMAs and see what they say (I’ll give you a hint, it probably won’t be about her speech).

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