Ink Master

This TV series hosted on Spike TV began in 2012 and is currently in it’s 7th season. Like the title states the show is all about ink and tattooing. in this show 15 tattoo artists gather from across the country to show case their skills and compete against their peers for a chance at the title of Ink Master, a cash prize of 100 thousand dollars and an editorial feature in Inked Magazine.

Each week a new series of challenges are issued, and new canvases (people who volunteered for a free tattoo) show up to be inked. The show is so much more than technical ability, the contestants have to navigate alliances, difficult canvases and unusual working conditions.

The series is hosted by Dave Navarro, a renowned rock legend, alongside two well-known and respected tattoo artists Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck. All three hosts are responsible for judging each tattoo performed, and more recently in the past two seasons the show introduced the concept of a human canvas jury. This addition made for an interesting twist because the human canvases that received tattoos that day all gather to vote one tattoo as the worst of the day. Due to this fairly new concept, now the fate of each contestant also lies within the decisions of the human canvases as well as the three hosts.

I love this show because it allows me to watch as art is created, often the tattoos that are done on episodes are very personal to the people getting Inked and we learn as much about the individual as we do about the artist. I suggest if you have time watch a few episodes, I am sure in no time you will be hooked!

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