The Seven Deadly Sins

This anime has been out since 2014 and honestly each time I came across it I just skipped over it, something about it just didn’t seem very interesting or original. However a few days ago a friend of mine suggested I give it a shot and so I started to watch the series.

Despite my reservations about the anime, I am presently surprised at how many things i have found to like in the show. At first the viewer is set up to believe that the characters who represent the Sins are the bad guys, however after many plot twists the viewer comes to find out that it is an organization consisting of Holy Knights that are to blame for the unrest in the kingdom.

In the first few episodes the viewer finds out that one of the princesses has run away to find the Sins and enlist their help to stop the Holy Knights who are overthrowing her (step)father and attempting to bring demons back into the world.

The series has a lot of action, is funny and can be really heart breaking at times. However there is also a lot of objectification of the female body, lots of groping and half naked women. The companion animal character illustrated by a pig voices concern about the objectification of the women which is what i found very interesting and softens the blows for me at least viewing it.

The actual animation and drawing style is pretty awesome, it is reminiscent of King of Bandit Jing in my opinion, feel free to disagree with me on that point! Anyway the series is another one on Netflix so definitely check it out if you have time!

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