Ajin: Demi-Human

For full disclosure I have not finished the first season of series as of yet, however only four episodes in and i have plenty of things to say about the Anime.

First of all I think that it covers a lot of issues that everyday people grapple with, especially teenagers like the main character is in the series. This transformative part of our lives when adulthood seems to loom up before us and the pressure to become an active and contributing member of society weighs us down. The first two episodes really go into the life of Kei Nagai who in the beginning seems like any other average 17-18 year old studying for the college entrance exams, but is later found out to be the third Ajin discovered in Japan.

The entire beginning of the first episode shows the fear that is associated with the Ajin, it shows their powers off as well and makes for a pretty awesome and gory set up to the entire show. It also sets the viewer up to expect that something will happen to reveal Kei as being an Ajin.

Besides the cool fight scenes and seemingly sound story line the bond between friends is really stressed when looking at Kei and his best friend Kaito. Kaito accepts that his friend is an Ajin immediately, and without question treats Kei the same as he always did. The extent that Kaito will go to defend and support his friend is truly heartwarming and for me this relationship and bond is what keeps me coming back.

So i think it is important to point out that there are some issues with the series, though they are minor and will most likely seem nitpicky but i don’t see a problem with pointing out the obvious. The drawing is all done well however when it comes to the animating of the images the series falls short, the movements are really jerky and the facial expressions at time end up humerus when they should be eliciting the exact opposite emotion and can become really distracting for me to the point where i find myself rewinding parts to catch what actually happened.

All in all though I am excited to watch the rest of the series, and I suggest that anyone who is looking for something new to watch to check this out. It is a Netflix series so if you have it you are good to go, if you don’t just use a friends account!

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