Pinterest- You Know You Love It.

At the risk of sounding like a completely shallow 21 year old college girl…Pinterest may be the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread. With all of the endless possibilities, from pictures of baby hippos, to DIY EVERYTHING, to recipes telling you how to make sunflower cupcakes, and gift ideas for just about everyone you know how could you possibly go wrong?! However there are five kinds of Pinteresters out there…

  1. The Pinteresters who have tried it once and claim they can’t figure out how to use it. Or how it’s just “not for them”.

These are the worst kind of people. These are the people who are either lieing about ever trying it in the first place because they don’t want you to know that they are so far behind the times. Or they truly just don’t like the platform. Which in that case, you don’t need that type of negativity in your life. Move on without them. It’s for the best really.

  1. The Pinteresters who think Pinterest is real life.

You know that person I’m talking about. The one who gets mad because so and so pinned a DIY headboard that you had pinned, and now she’s convinced that this individual is “stealing her ideas”. Or that girl who gets upset when a friend pinned a wedding dress that she had saved in her “dream wedding” board. News flash people- neither of you have any prospects of getting married and she probably won’t even buy that dress anyways and neither will you. Pinterest is life. But not real life.

  1. The closet Pinterest.

These are usually men who claim they have “never heard of it”. In reality they pin regularly. Have the app downloaded to their phone and often times use it to stalk their girlfriends account to see what they should get her for her birthday. Even though you are ashamed of your Pinteresting account…I forgive you on the promise you give your girlfriend things she actually likes.

  1. The DIY EVERYTHING Pinterester.

You know this person. It’s the person who thinks they can DIY anything. The one who uses the platform as a bible to all things crafty. These people sometimes create great things, but more often than not it turns into a total crafting disaster. News Flash: not everything you see on here actually is DIYable.

  1. The best kind of Pinteresters.

The best kind of Pinteresters are the ones who use it to be creative and think outside of the box. They use it for new recipes, or small DIY projects, or outfit ideas. They use it as a place to consult about their new ideas but can tell the difference between ideas and reality. These types of Pinteresters have boards with dream ideas but understand that if someone pins the same wedding dress it doesn’t have to be World War III. (And yes I do think I fall into this group).

If you don’t have an account get one. And please stay away from the DIY EVERYTHING approach.

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