An open letter to my soon to be not roommates…

An open letter to my soon to be not roommates…

**Disclaimer: Although you may not live in my house with my friends these fundamental things in various forms span across the board. Thank your roommie today and enjoy what I have to say about mine! **

Let me first start by saying that I was skeptical of moving in with my three best friends at the start of last summer. I was even more skeptical that we would all like each other as much as we do at the end of this journey. I’d seen friendships ended over living debacles. And although we have not even lived together for a full calendar year it has truly been a special journey. A point in life that only happens a few times in your life. Living with my three roommates has made me realize it’s the days between the move in and move out date that have been the most special.

A house with four girls, 1 bathroom, and one shoe killing dog is as challenging as it sounds. Living with each of your personalities: the unaware slob, the non-morning person, the TV show and music fanatic is challenging.  But life seems to be routine here. A routine I will miss. A routine that is soon to be interrupted with real life. So as an ode to life at the “Compound” I would like to take a moment to thank you for all of the things you do for me.

  1. Thank you for allowing me to cook in this house. Even though I obviously don’t know how, and often times leave flammable things on. Also thanks for showing me how to cook, because likely I would have eaten Panera Bread one to many times at this point.
  2. Thank you for not killing me when my dog eats your (interest anything you care about here).
  3. Thanks for watching me change my clothes 12 times before we go out, to only ultimately put back the same outfit I had on the first time.
  4. Thank you for waking me up when I miss 7am workouts.
  5. Thank you for dealing with me jumping on you at 6am just so I can tell you something I find hilarious, (that probably not that funny), even though you are not morning people.
  6. Thank you for letting me snuggle and eat food with you when I am having a bad day.
  7. Thank you for helping me with all of the extra team stuff that I have to do just because you live with me, not because you have to.
  8. Thank you for being better at judging people than I am, and for steering me away from the people that I am to blind to see are bad.
  9. Thank for you keeping that, night we don’t talk about, a night we still don’t talk about.
  10. Thank you for talking to that boy across the bar.
  11. Thank you for being my protectors that will verbally take down anyone who try’s to look at me wrong.
  12. Thank you for makings sure I made it to the first week of classes, I wouldn’t be graduating without you.
  13. Thank you for playing wing-girl and keeping the creepers at a distance.
  14. Thank you for “When in doubt, drink more wine”.
  15. Thank you for doing my makeup when I’ve put it half on and it looks awful, and no matter how many times I ask, you always fix it.
  16. Thank you for teaching me that honesty is always the best policy. Even if the truth hurts.
  17. Thank you for editing my papers. Sorry that I never use commas.
  18. Thank you for not letting me wear those polka dotted pants that I really wanted from J. Crew.
  19. Thank you for teaching me brave girls are the prettiest girls.
  20. Thank you for allowing my snow shoes to lay on the living room floor for the past 6 months without too much of a hard time.
  21. Thank you for giving me memories that will be worth remembering 60 years from now. This was truly a special time in my life.

I hope that life at the “Compound” has been as special for you as it has been for me. If college is not for creating stories to be able to tell your grandchildren down the line that I’m not really sure what is. I will hold the memories of late night talks, keggers, and blizzard of 2016 close to my heart. Fly far friends, but always know you have a place at 41.

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