Round Pegs, and Square Holes…

Round Pegs, and Square Holes…

At the risk of sounding abstract; In life we go through phases. We transform and grow as we age and advance through the stages of life. At age 5 I wasn’t ready for middle school math class, just like at age 12 I wasn’t ready for college parties and all-nighters. But how could I have been?

The summer between my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college I transformed into a person who was able to fit into a piece of this DelVal puzzle. Not suddenly but rather as an enviable result of conditioning from my environment. Like a stone getting smoothed in the ocean. But as I sit at the end of this chapter of my life and look at the blank pages that lie ahead I again realize that my peg doesn’t fit into the college hole anymore.

School work has gone from being a little bit of an inconvenience to impossible as I navigate the world of having to mow my own lawn, grocery shop, and let’s not forget about that whole paying bills thing. Job searching has taken main stage and is singing loud and clear. Maintaining a healthy life style, relationships with close friends and family, and taking steps to reach bigger goals like traveling the world and financial stability have trumped my desire to stay out till 4am drinking at a frat party.

Maybe I sound bitter. You may accuse me of being too quick to want to move forward. Rushing through this stage of my life. Not stopping to smell the roses. Maybe you even think I must certainly not have lived through those sleepless drunken nights, the best nights of your life I think is what they call them these days. But you are wrong.

I have gone to my fair share of house parties, and had many a drunken nights at the bar. I have also enjoyed my time sitting in the classroom. Soaking in all the knowledge of my future industry. I have been fortunate enough to have competed and traveled with the best teammates and coaches out there. I have laughed every step of the way and the DelVal Ocean has again shaped my rock.

But as I type this blog while the last few hours of A-Day weekend wind down I can’t help but feel like my (almost) 22 year old self doesn’t fit into the college mold anymore.  When I walk across that stage in three weeks I know that I will have left nothing on the table.

As they hand me my diploma I will know that my round peg has changed enough to not fit into this square hole anymore. So on behalf of myself and my always transforming peg I thank you, and I can’t wait to see where it will fall into place again next.

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