Living in Rocket City…


When I was deployed I lived on FOB(forward operating base) Shank aka Rocket City, the above video is a view in to what we had to deal with daily. The alarm and the last four months of deployment included the Phalanx gun(used on Navy Ships) to shoot down the rockets. The Phalanx gun was used to find and destroy the incoming rockets while they were still in the air. At night as the video shows you can clearly see where the rockets coming from and where the phalanx gun is shooting which makes the scenario 10x worse!


Many people ask what I did while I was deployed, well I did many different things. I worked in a tower for a few months, I lived on a little COP(Combat Outpost) with Special Forces for five months, and I worked in the jail on the FOB. As an MP they didn’t really know how to used us while we were deployed, living on the COP with SF was amazing, best experience of the whole deployment! Being deployed really opened my eyes to how good I really have it here. While I was deployed I missed: a real bed, real bathrooms, hot showers, food that didn’t make me sick. I did get to enjoy the local food which was amazing, every morning that I was working the Afghani local worker would bring us fresh hardboiled eggs and nan(bread) with cream cheese.

When I worked in the tower, we had Afghan Security on ground level and they would always give us food. The guys I worked with always made me go turn on the x-ray machine because the Afghani’s always gave me food. The one time I was talking with them and they gave me a half of a melon and a bag of fruit. They told me I was their best friend, they would ask for a “coke” which meant soda or an energy drinks, so I always returned the favor and gave them a “coke”.

Missing holidays while deployed is hard but being able to send videos like this back home makes it a little easier!

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