An Open Letter to the Underacheiver

This open letter might hurt some feelings, but it’s like that saying that explains how everyone has an opinion ( if you don’t know the saying, please google it). Throughout my college career, I’ve seen people go above and beyond in terms of academics, activities and getting to know and help people. Sadly however, I’ve seen just as many people take the easy way out, glide along, and do the minimum when it comes to those same categories. At Del Val, I’ve seen people take this same approach, and it irks me.


Here we are at a university where you can receive a quality education and really begin to pave the path towards your career. We have programs that help people get experience through internships, connect students with real world mentors, and teach them what it takes to become a working member of society. However, for some reason, some students to not even give a glance to these types of programs. If I recall correctly, the business department offered a program last semester that would have connected business students with a mentor in the professional world. By the time the program was supposed  to close, I think only 2-3 students applied for the program. As far as I know, business students were made aware of the opportunity. However no one ceased it. I don’t understand why people jump on opportunities like that.

The same goes for students who have the tendency to sit in class and play their games on their laptops and PCs. I’m not sure what you expect to gain out of your experience here by gliding by in your classes like that, unless you have the privilege of having mommy and daddy pay for your college, in which case, good for you (?).

The way I see it, not everyone has the opportunity to be in the situation we’re in at Del Val. To receive a quality education at a private school, a place where you’re not just a ant amongst thousands of other ants like you are in bigger state schools. Not everyone is bestowed with the privilege of receiving a quality education, whether its a high school or college education. That’s why, if you are lucky enough to know what I’m talking about and are one of the people I’m talking about, start to TRY. You may not think what you do right now matters, but here’s something I’ve learned throughout my short time here on Earth, EVERYTHING MATTERS. Start to take advantage of your circumstance, and stop taking it for granted. I’m tired of seeing people take the low road like that, knowing damn well that they’re other people who would love to have the same chance you do. Seize your opportunity.

“Be true to yourself.
Make each day your masterpiece.
Help others.
Drink deeply from good books.
Make friendship a fine art.
Build a shelter against a rainy day.
Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day.”

―John Wooden


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