Crafting A Writing Career Through Social Media?

In this day and age where everything is digital many writers are making names for themselves by having their own blogs. With more than 133 million blogs in operation, mainstream print and broadcast media accepts blogs as a professional form of writing.


Blogs encourage dialogue amongst publics and provide a space for individuals to discuss a variety of different topics, from politics to cooking recipes. Having a blog allows for flexible hours and you can work from anywhere. Sites like Tumblr have become popular by allowing people to have their own blogs free of charge. Tumblr also allows your blog to be connected to other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. When you post to your Tumblr blog there is a post automatically on Twitter and Facebook as well. With social media, maintaining a writing career just got easier.


The biggest piece of advice I have for anyone trying to have a writing career through social media would be to take into account the timing of your posts and the amount of posts you have daily. It is easy to overload readers with information, spacing out posts and posting during optimum social media hours. As a blogger it is almost impossible to always be control of the conversation and feedback you get. It is possible to present a variety of different topics and ideas that readers can relate to. Picking the right time of day combined with interesting topics can create a viral blog. Many authors have gone from having viral blogs with strong followings to having publishing deals. Some also go into self-publishing. Social media is the easiest way to gain a strong following fast, nearly 1.5 new blog sites are created every second. With this kind of technology it is simpler than ever to achieve success.

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