Relay For Life Was A Success!

Last week, Del Val held its annual Relay For Life. The Relay For Life started in 2013 and  is a 12 hour walk that is held overnight and is done in conjunction with the American Cancer Society. Since its start, the event has raised thousands of dollars to fund cancer research, caregiver support, and advocacy. It is really one of the many great events that Del Val holds to get students to be involved and at the same time, contribute to a helpful cause. Relay is hosted by Colleges Against Cancer, which was founded in the spring of 2012 by Olivia Shadduck, who was part of last year’s graduation class.

This years event raised a total of $14,052, bringing the total the event has raised over the years to $44,000. The work and planning that goes into this event is very strenuous and involved, and the work that people put into this event seems to be paying off. The relay looks to continue its success next year, and continue to contribute to its great cause.

If you wish to contribute to next years event, keep an eye out for the announcements and contact  Katie Goldberg, who can tell you how to get involved. Hopefully this event continues its success in years to come!

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