To all of the places I have never been…

To all of the places I have never been…

I am in love with places I have never been. Dallas TX, Nashville TN, New Orleans LA, and all of the tiny little towns in between. It’s not that I love these places for their tourist attractions, but rather I love these places because they threads of opportunity woven into their road maps.

I will admit that in my own head I am more free spirited than I am in real life. In my head I am a free roaming traveler, who has nothing stopping her from packing her stuff tomorrow and driving in any direction until I find the next place I want to call home. In real life I am an area vibes junky.

I came across area vibes when I was looking for potential jobs in Tennessee. I wanted to know if it was feasible for me to be able to afford to live there. It tells you basically everything you need to know about where you are considering living. From the crime rate to how much a gallon of milk costs it really does it all. It will even compare these statistics from where you currently live to where you are considering living so you can see the differences in the cost of living, housing, etc.

My obsession with area vibes only made my desire to pick up and move grow even stronger. This website made it so I could see the possibility of where I was considering going much more real. It showed me that it would be feasible to live in these places. With area vibes and air b and b just a click away my adventurous soul has grown even more in love with these places I have never been.

Beyond being in love with the possibilities that these places hold I am in love with the idea of all of the people I could meet there. I strong believer in the idea that every person you meet in life has a purpose in your own life. You meet them for a reason not just by chance. The opportunity to have all of these new experiences and adventures with the people I would meet makes the idea of traveling even more appealing to me.

I understand that I sound like an unrealistic dreamer. I know that not all of the places I go I will love. I know that not all of the people will be wonderful. I know that some experiences will be more painful and less glorious like they are in my head. I also know that if you don’t take some good with the bad then you never get to experience anything.

When I graduate in 3 weeks I will not be picking up and moving to Tennessee like I had long thought I would. This New Hampshire girl will stay right here in PA and look for adventures in my new state of residency. I will settle for weekend trips to the places I wish I live in some day, and I will continue to track flights to all of the places I have not yet been, but an in love with.

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