Give It A Listen: “Amerika” by Young the Giant

One of my favorite bands have finally reemerged with new music, and once again, the didn’t disappoint. Young the Giant’s “Amerika” shows a little bit of a departure from their previous music. Their ambient sound and heavy use of synthesizers is still prevalent in this song, but what makes the song different is the complexity of the sounds and layers to record the track. Previously, they used simple instrument effects to make their sound seem bigger ( U2 is known for this as well). But here, they show the progression of their musicianship as well as their song-writing.

The band’s lyricism is also why I have remained a fan of the band since their debut in 2009. Their two previous albums, “Young the Giant,” and “Mind Over Matter” have multiple tracks that consist of descriptive lyrics that often sprung my imagination. I think “Amerika” tells the story of an immigrant who is trying to find or lost a loved one when they moved to the United States, even though the concept seems a little more deeper than that ( The video is a little abstract when explaining the song’s meaning).

If you are a fan of good music, then this song is definitely for you. I also encourage you to check out their previous work. You will not be disappointed. Their new album entitled “Home of the Strange” is due out August 12th.


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