DelVal Sports Interview

Jordan Livingston

Year: Sophomore

Position: Started as a Safety but moved to Corner and Linebacker because he and coaches feel he excels mentally at the game of football.

Member of the Dance Team


Football Experience at DelVal:

Freshman year he came in thinking that he was going to start. Then reality hit and he realized he had to work really hard if he wanted to start because this wasn’t high school. He didn’t start his freshman year, but through the process the team always made him feel important. Summer after freshman year, he worked an overnight job that limited his ability to work on his football skills. As a result, coming into his sophomore year he wasn’t as good as he should’ve been if he wanted to start. Despite not starting, he did get a lot of play time and was still a main contributor to the success of the football team.


How does this affect School work/Social life?

The stereotype is that football players don’t do well when it comes to school work but it’s not hard if you mind not having social life. They do things like study hall for the whole team to help boost their GPAs, plus there is practice, workouts, and film study, which all adds up and therefore limiting your time with friends.

Alone time?

Most of his alone time is spent thinking about what he can do to better himself as an individual. Football teaches him that things don’t come easy and if you want to be the best you have to work like it. In conclusion, his alone time is spent thinking.

Injury – concerns about future plans

Knee still waiting on results, thinking it is a torn ACL. Made him realize there is more to life than football and showed him a lot about himself because he strongly believes that God does not put you through anything that you cannot handle. So no matter what he has to do or God puts him through he is will make it through.

How does being part of a team help/hurt you?

Helps him always know that he has companions who are going through the same thing he is. Not so much a hurt but it is a wakeup call in the fact that it forces you to use your time wisely.

Does the pressure get to you? How do you cope?

The pressure does get to him and with his current injury there is more pressure now than ever. It gets to him because he realizes now what he didn’t before, that he is a student athlete and academics come first. He copes by remembering why he is here and his inspiration, which his mom.

Does being a dancer help you with your football skills?

Being a dancer not so much helps him with his football skills but it relieves any stress he is having that day. He loves to dance and because of that he puts his heart into it every time he does it and when you put your heart into something you forget the negatives of something else.

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