Attack on Titan

(Before I begin reviewing the Anime I would like to point out that the Anime is subbed so for those of you who hate on any series that isn’t dubbed… this is not for you! )

I binge watched every one of the 25 episodes over my last break. Seriously once you start watching it is almost impossible to walk away from the show (so don’t say i didn’t warn you)! Each episode is about 24 min long but jam packed with pretty brutal fighting scenes and lots of dialogue which helps to create a sense of connection to each character.

Attack on Titan is not the best Anime in existence however I think it fits in well with what modern viewers with our current fixation of apocalyptic type scenarios. The entire series is about man kinds last stand against the Titans who are hell bent on destroying them.

Humans are all confined into one last settlement and encased within three walls of protection, however the Titan’s have evolved over the 100 years since their first sighting occurred. In this time Titans have emerged with intelligence to go along with their massive size and unbelievable strength. The Titans have made it their objective to knock down the walls that keep the humans safe.

The series is full of suspense, comedy and a lot of heart break. I suggest you stock up on some drinks, pop a bag of popcorn and grab a box of tissues!

The entire first season is available on Netflix

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