Interview With Jeremy Stewart

As part of the celebration of D-III week at Delaware Valley University, The Podcast Club at Del Val chose select student athletes to interview, and ask what D-III sports means to them. The daily episodes embody who the athlete is, what their involvement is on campus, and why they chose to play at Del Val. It is a special week dedicated to those who play in D-III sports, and it allows the spotlight to be shone on them, which is something D-III athletes don’t experience too often. It also highlights just how dedicated student-athletes can be, juggling both a sport and academics, and allows them to be recognized for their efforts on and off the field.

Tuesday afternoon, I, along with my podcast partner Heff, had the pleasure of sitting down with Del Val baseball player Jeremy Stewart. We found out just how dedicated Jeremy was to his sport, and how it transcends from just playing on the field. We also touched on what events were going to be available to students on campus, and how they could get involved.

Take the chance to listen to Jeremy’s interview with us, as well as the other student-athletes who were interviewed throughout the course of the week.

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