10 Things I’ll Miss When I Graduate ( Del Val Edition)

Through my college career, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve met people who were……..questionable characters, endured the struggles of transferring while finding out what exactly I needed to do from advisers who should be stripped of such a title ( I actually had an “adviser” at MONTCO tell me after I had asked “Should I take this class or that one”, “Oh I don’t know honey.” This is what I was up against) and questioned my sanity. But here I am. By some miracle I have made it through college ( There’s 4 weeks left, I know i’m sounding cocky). My 2 years at Del Val have been memorable, I can’t deny that. The things I’ve experienced here are things that I’ll always remember, so I decided to make a list of that I’ll probably look back on and say “Ah, Del Val, those were the days.”

10. Spring Time at Del Val = the anti-Christ for people with allergies– Spring time is beautiful around Del Val, don’t get me wrong. The wide range of flowers, tress, plants, etc. is what makes the campus beautiful. However…….. what a nightmare for allergies. I feel like I could have appreciated the beauty more if my eyes weren’t completely filled with tears and my nose wasn’t reminding me that it has more mucus than I can handle. Yeesh.

9. Class Registration- There’s a really good metaphor I can use here to sum up what it’s like registering for classes at Del Val. It’s like Hell on Earth? Yeah, that’ll do I guess. I first experienced this at orientation (!) when I went home felling pretty good about having scheduled my classes and being set for the fall semester. Then Del Val was like “Nope!, you guessed wrong!” How I’m graduating on time is a miracle.

8. The Smell- It’s the Del Val smell. You know that smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells……smelly…..the smell from the fields ( to put it nicely). It wasn’t everyday mind you, but when the wind was right…….

7. Professor O’Connors Lectures on the 1st Amendment– I’ve gone a semester without a lecture about the 1st Amendment and I honestly don’t know what to do with my life. It’s like a bad breakup. I would pay money just to hear those lectures one more time.

6.  Walking Past Lake Archer- There’s something so relaxing about walking past that lake. I think the image of the lake will be the one I’ll always remember Del Val by.

5. The Campus Email, Directly Followed by the Correction E-Mail- If you’re a student at Del Val, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Although this may seem like a complaint, it really isn’t. I always found those e-mails to be comforting in a way. It was the university’s way of saying “Relax, everybody has a case of the Mondays.” I appreciated those e-mails Del Val. Thank you.

4. The Harmonica Guy– I’m not sure what happened to the guy that would belt Bob Dylan and Neil Young songs with a harmonica across Lake Archer last year, but man I miss him. I can always appreciate someone who has a good taste in music. But to take it to the level The Harmonica Guy did? That’s something special. Wherever you are Harmonica Guy, keep doing your thing. *air five

3. The Missing Chair e-mail– I know this one is very specific, but if you were lucky enough to see this e-mail, you’ll understand why it made it this high on my list. The lesson learned on that day? Thou shall not take any chair sitting in the hallway. Just don’t do it.

2. Actually Getting to Know My Professors– This was one of the biggest reasons why I chose Del Val. I was never an ant in ant farm here. I actually got to know a lot of my professors really well, and I learned a lot from them. I know not everybody gets the chance to say that, so that why I’m so thankful I got that opportunity to do so. It goes a long way knowing that you’re professor is just someone who gives you a grade at the end of the semester.

1. The People– I guess this can be looked at as an extension of #2, but to me, this is what I’m miss the most about Del Val. I’ve gotten the chance to meet some really awesome people during my time here, and I’m truly thankful for that. I don’t think everyone gets the chance to develop friendships in your class in big state schools, or other private schools where you’re in a lecture with 300+ people. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s just difficult to do. At Del Val, you actually get the chance to talk to people, and get to know them, which is awesome. We all got to experience this roller coaster together, and now it’s almost time to get off.

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