Tattoos and those who bear them continue to struggle for mainstream acceptance and legitimacy in society. While the practice has been an integral part of cultures all over the globe, here in the U.S. it’s only been over the past few decades that we’ve opened our hearts and minds to the practice. Formerly tattoos were strictly considered a mark of criminals, sailors or other undesirables, the public perception of tattooing has come a long way.

The overall perception of tattoos as inherently unprofessional may be leaving some inksters with a lingering case of tattoo regret. Fortunately, as the tattoo industry has grown, so too has the tattoo removal industry – laser tattoo removal is more accessible and effective today than it’s ever been.

Getting a tattoo is a life changing experience. You either want more or you never want go through that agony again. In the military tattoos are popular for expressing one’s personality. The military is all about uniformity, tattoos are a way of showing personality. I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and I wouldn’t say I regret it but I certainly wish I didn’t get it. Since being in the military I now have eight and I love them all except the ones I got when I was 18 because they were on a whim. All the tattoos I got while I was in the Military all have meaning and each one was thoughtfully picked.

Tattoo Fails – This is a link to horrible tattoo fails. If you need a good laugh or your thinking about getting a tattoo make sure you do your research before permanently inking your body.

Interesting facts:

  • Six percent of Americans had at least one tattoo
  • Fourteen percent of Americans had at least one tattoo
  • Seventy percent of tattooed millennials hid their ink
  • There was an almost nine percent increase in tattooed adults from 2003 to 2006
  • People aged 18-24 were the second least likely to have a tattoo
  • More men had tattoos than women, but barely
  • Miami is the most tattooed city in America
  • Just 16 percent of people with tattoos regretted getting one


Below is a video from BuzzFeed and its about people who are getting their first tattoo and how they do during the inking process, healing process and how they feel after it has healed.




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