An Open Letter to the Weather

Dear Weather,

You suck. I know, I know I know, this is getting off on the wrong foot. But may I ask you, what gives you the right? What gives you the right to do this? You know, a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting on my back patio in the sunshine and thinking “Finally, spring is here.” I thought we had reached a crossroads and we were finally going to move past the whole winter thing.


Today I woke up with some higher expectations for you, since you threw that curve ball at us  over the weekend by combining basically every kind of precipitation possible. I found myself being pelted (pelted!) by snow, rain, and hail and I asked myself “Is this what April is supposed to look like?” In case you aren’t sure of the answer to that question, let me give you a hint. No, no it shouldn’t. On top of all that, guess what I woke up with. A cold, a cold in April. I’m tired of this whole back and forth thing. Do your spring thing. You know that thing  where you make it warm out and the flowers start blooming? Yeah if you could start doing that, that would be great.

It’s currently April 4th and I’m still waiting for it to feel like it. I’m losing my patience weather, I’m losing my patience. Get it together.


Angry Pennsylvanian

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