Brilliant App

One of my all time favorite apps to use is SnapChat.

Snap Chat is a video messaging app that was created by Evan Spiegal, Bobby Murphy and Frank Reginald.

One of the most interesting things about SnapChat is that it is constantly evolving. The app started pretty basic, allowing the users to send (what i like to think of as) self destructing picture and video messages to pretty much anyone you know on the internet, where it will show up on your computer or mobile devise.

After a set amount of seconds the photo that the sender snapped will close out and not be able to be reopened, though more often than not, snaps that receivers want to keep can be screenshotted and saved that way.

The best thing about SnapChat is the use of different filters, which are typically changed daily for new crazy facial distortions that are actually quite amusing. The other day i swapped my face with my fathers and sent the resulting picture to him, i haven’t seen him laugh so much at a photo in years.

SnapChat is something that i can share and experience with friends, family and even teach my son to play with on his own. I do not need to worry about monitoring what he does on the app since there are no in-app purchases that he could make or any inappropriate links that he could be redirected to. I suggest that if you have some down time, look up the app and give it a try.


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