This 2007 psychological/ horror film directed by  Mikael Håfström is well worth the time spent watching it. The film itself is 1:44 minutes long, but it is constantly keeping the viewers on their toes and invested in the plot.

The movie is about a character by the name of Mike Enslin (John Cusack) who is an author, writing about paranormal activity based off of reported hotel haunting. Each hotel that Enslin visits in the attempt to verify supernatural claims by spending a night within the specified room where he works to debunk any and all claims of supernatural activity. He then uses these events as fodder for his writings in the books that he publishes.

Shortly after the scene of his latest book reading and signing, Enslin receives a post card stating “Do not stay in 1408”. After reaching 1408 and paranormal activities Enslin figures out that haunted room is at the hotel called The Dolphin and decides to head out there and verify the claims.  Of course Enslin takes this on as a challenge and for most of the rest of the movie many strange and interesting things happen within this exact room.

The movie is based on a true story,where The Dolphin Hotel (room 1408) claimed the lives of 42 people, 12 of which were deaths resulting in suicide where the other 30 had been ruled to have been from natural causes. Whether or not you are a believer in the paranormal i suggest you get some popcorn, a friend/ loved one and settle in to watch a really well done movie!

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