10 Things About Small Town USA

As my family home is about to be sold, and my grandparents and other relatives had headed south for warmer weather I can’t help but think about all of the things I will miss about no longer having an address in my tiny town…

10 Things about living in Small Town USA:

  1. The town store is the gossip hub of the whole town. Whether you were in yesterday or haven’t been there in 6 months, they know everything about where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing.
  2. It’s likely that your parents and maybe even your grandparents went to the high school you graduated from. Getting asked “which (insert last name here) kip do you belong to?”, becomes standard fare every time you have a new teacher.
  3. You likely don’t know the road names around your town just land marks. Directions often sound like “Turn left at the end of the dirt road that the McDonald kid crashed his truck at last year. Then follow that till you get to the creek I flipped my kayak in last year. Then turn right when you reach the old Crow families house.”
  4. It’s likely you can drive home from a friend’s house at 10pm on a Friday night and not pass a single car on your way home.
  5. The town maintenance guy has been in the position for 25 years and you know that “traffic” will be slow every other Thursday in the summer because that’s when he mows the town green.
  6. Your local high school football team is probably terrible but the whole town still goes over and watches them play every Friday night. What else are they going to do?
  7. You graduated high school with the same group of kids that you have gone to school with since kindergarten, just like your parents did with their parents.
  8. The local police report often has accounts of people’s missing chickens and cows.
  9. Going to the grocery store was a two hour ordeal because of all the people you ran into, and chatted with while you were shopping.
  10. When it was time for you to leave town and go off to college, or find work you couldn’t wait to get out of there.


These thing may vary slight from small town to small town. But if you were lucky enough to live in a small town you can’t help but appreciate the little things that make them so uniquely quirky and lovable at the same time. When you gather your stuff at the end of the semester and head back to the middle of know where USA think about all of the things that make that small town special, and be thankful for the person it helped you become.

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