Review: Pinterest



Ever since I found out about this website/app I use it all the time. As with anything there are pros and cons to using Pinterest. The thought behind Pinterest is you create “pinboards,” which are nothing more than categories, to which you can then “pin” images that you find online or via other Pinterest users. Your virtual pasteboards become little collections of visually stunning images, with notes if you attach them and links back to the original source from whence the images came. A layer of social interaction sits beneath the whole site, as you can follow other users, or just specific boards they create. While pinning content that other Pinterest users have posted works great, you can also add content you find elsewhere on the Web using Pinterest’s bookmark bar button.

I love Pinterest because of the “pinboards”. I have used this website to save recipes, workouts, outfits, vacations(I hope to go on one day) and homemade dog treats. I have also used it to find out what others think about products, usually when you find a pin and click on it, it takes you to the website of that pin and at the bottom is comments from others who have tried that product or recipe, they also add tweaks that they have done to make it better.

Just about every major social network allows marketers to share visual content in some capacity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that particular network is the best medium for visual promotion. And in a world of hundreds of social networks, marketers need to optimize their time to promote the most appropriate types of content on the most appropriate channels.

(clicking the logo above will take you to the Pinterest website)

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