If I could only Kill A Word…

For those of you that know me, it doesn’t come as a surprise when I say that I love Eric Church. I find his music original, relatable, and, c’mon, have you heard his voice?! So it’s no surprise that when his latest album, Mr. Misunderstood, came out in late 2015, I was thrilled.

When you skim through the song titles of any album for the first time, there are songs that you can’t wait to listen to, and ones that you might skip over. His track entitled “Kill A Word” was my skip over track. It didn’t catch my interest until I was driving on one of my 350 mile road trips from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania. Once I heard the first verse I was hooked.

“If I could kill a word and watch it die
I’d poison “never, ” shoot goodbye
Beat “regret” when I felt I had the nerve
Yeah, I’d pound “fear” to a pile of sand
Choke “lonely” out with my bare hands
I’d hang “hate” so that it can’t be heard
If I could only kill a word”.

As the song progresses, the lyrics describe other acts of violence that would be used to attack and kill these negative words. On first listen, the listener might not catch on to this genius lyrical tactic. However, the message behind this might be even more important. By using words that describe violent acts, and applying those acts to words instead of humans, it personifies those harmful words. You are then able to see the words like negative people that you can cut out of your life.

This song takes away the power behind all of these words that haunt so many people’s lives. These words are used for bullying. They are used by people who are negative about themselves and use these words to identify things. They are used by people who don’t even mean to be harmful, but that are through using words that we are often unaware of how powerful they are. If we take away the power behind these negative words, we can kill their harmfulness.

I would give this song five stars. It takes a topic that is not discussed enough and brings it into a whole new light in a creative main stream way.


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