Give It A Listen- “Run Wild” (Acoustic) by Jon Bellion

I’ve always really enjoyed the acoustic versions of songs. It gives the artist to put a different spin on a song other than the regular studio version. Jon Bellion, an artist from Long Island, New York, has been slowly building his career over the past few years with his hits “Jim Morrison,” “Carry Your Throne,” and “All Time Low.” He has also had his hand in writing and producing hit song songs by writing the chorus to Eminem’s “The Monster” featuring Rihanna and producing the beat to Jason DeRulo’s “Trumpets.” Most recently, he was also featured on Zedd’s hit song “Beautiful Now,” where he sang vocals.

I saw him live about a year ago, and a lot of the live renditions of his songs are similar to the spin he puts on this acoustic version of “Run Wild.” But i think that’s the most impressive aspect of Jon Bellion. He has so many different influences that he credits ( Death Cab For Cutie, Wu-Tang Clan, and Coldplay), that when he blends all those infueonces together, he does it in a way that no other artist can.

This acoustic version of his song “Run Wild” puts a raggae spin to the song. It also displays the talents of his group he likes to call “Beautiful Mind”, with whom he tours. “Run Wild” tells the story of Bellion’s first relationship and what he learned from the experience. The song tells the perspective from the other person’s point of view, which gives the song a nice little plot twist. This acoustic rendition is a classic example of talented musicians coming together and being able to create something simple but yet unique and special. It’s not very often you can find a group a musicians that can come together like this

You can find the making of the studio version of the song in his VEVO account, as well as many of his other work.  If you are a fan of this cover, you can expect Bellion’s next album due out later this year.


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