Delval SWC

Having transferred into Delval last year, I have only been able to participate in 2 of the conferences and it is actually quite sad that next year I will only be a spectator.

The Student Writing Conference is the one event on campus that I look forward to going to and being a part of. Students from all majors are able to share their writings at the conference and compete for prizes. Though it is not the prizes that solely draw participants, the conference is also a great event to put on a resume and the teachers who make up the judging panels give wonderfully constructive feedback.

I love the fact that the atmosphere is inclusive and supportive, it allows for a safe space to share perspectives that people otherwise would have never heard. Both years that I was lucky enough to go to the conference, i walked away with a new found understanding of not only individuals that i met there, but of the entire world around me.

The conference is not just a place to grab a free meal (which is also really nice that it is provided for) it also functions as an event that brings students of similar interests together. I have met some of the most amazing and brilliant people at the SWC, friends that I expect to have throughout the rest of my life.

I urge every student of Delval, who will be around for the 2017 school year to give the writing conference a chance, bring a piece of poetry, an essay, or a short story you have been working on and share it. All voices are welcome, and all works are appreciated.

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