What Spring Break Has Taught Me:

What Spring Break Has Taught Me:

Spring break 2k16 has taught me more than I would have anticipated. When I talked about all the (potential) fabulous adventures I was going to have in August when this school year started.  The first lesson is that sometimes grand plans don’t pan out. I didn’t go to some tropical island and have the textbook 21 year old girl spring break with all of my closest friends. I didn’t travel somewhere exotic and play my part to end world hunger. I didn’t expand my knowledge by going on a class trip to Rome. But, life doesn’t always work out the way we picture it.

Last Thursday my best friend (we’ll call her Gladys for all blog purposes) said she found cheap plain tickets to Florida for three days and asked me if I wanted to go. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. I imagined myself sitting on a beach drinking rum out of a pineapple. Then, reality caught me by the boot straps and I realized that I had a job interview over the time she wanted to travel. Reluctantly I recoiled realizing the real world was coming faster than I had expected. But Gladys was persistent and I could feel my soul longing for a good adventure. With some flight rearranging, a great boyfriend and friends to watch my dog and horse, I booked a ticket south. Our planned three day trip then became extended when we again became impulsive and decided to book a hotel room in AC for the night before our flight.

The benefit to being an adult is being able to drive the ship of your own life. The con to being an adult; being able to drive the ship of your own life. (Let me finish my story and I’ll tell you why).

We arrived on a Sunday, and spent a wild Sunday morning in church with Gladys’ grandmother, then followed that up with about 6 hours of eating with two different parts of her very Italian family.  Although I am Italian, I do not have a very big family and when we do get together, there is not an eight-course meal involved. Hour after hour more food was placed on my plate, and hour after hour another new relative would arrive and we would all stand up and hug and kiss them. These people were strangers to me, but their warm smiles and big hearts made me feel welcome and like they cared. So why is this relevant..just wait I’ll tell you.

On the final day of my trip, as I was drinking by the ocean with my feet in the sand, I reflected on the activities of Sunday and the always looming graduation day getting closer. I came to a few realizations; that my reckless days of picking up and leaving on a whim were over, and the monotony of going to a 9 to 5 job was haunting my second semester senioritis. Most importantly, though, I realized that the things that I thought mattered when this semester started are becoming less important by the day.

Wild Spring Break trips staying up all night creating memories through being reckless are still fun, don’t get me wrong, but they are not on the top of my to do list anymore. Writing papers a week early to get ahead, stressing about what I am going to wear out on Thursday night, and caring about what those girls who I don’t even know think about me are also not on the top of the priority list anymore. To be honest…they are not on the list at all.

Spending time with Gladys’s family made me realize that it’s not about how often you see each other or how well you know a person, but how welcome and genuine you can be when that person is in your presence. Family matters, blood related or not. I have realized that sometimes you need to go on a grand adventure to come to this realization. In my final days of being an undergrad I am going to try to take as many chances and adventures on a whim. My hope is to find clarity in the unexpected.  So as I drive my own ship of adulthood I realize that everything I have imagined my life to be at this point it is not..it’s better.  Thanks for the clarity Spring Break.

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