Phone App of the Week

Game of Dice is a game developed by JoyCity Corps and is the only game that I have played that successfully had brought the childhood joy and frustration that I felt while playing Monopoly and turned it into a forum that is complex enough to hold my interest as an adult.

The game is filled with so many options that allow for me to personalize my playing technique. There is a current list of 16 characters that have been introduced (though I think 2 of which are no longer available) ranging from Pirate Anthony to Police officer Doria, and 14 others  who each have their own specific skill sets, costuming, and individual strengths that end up helping players in their games.

Characters are not just pawns on a board going where the dice direct them. These pieces can be leveled up, giving you a better chance at winning each game. For most of the characters in the game there are 6 different star levels, ranging from 3 star to the pinnacle of a 5 star diamond level character. I would advise anyone thinking about playing to not worry about spending Gold on any character level under 5 star, because chances are you will be able to draw a couple 5 star characters each month.

Instead focus on using Gold to buy dice fragments and upgrade the set of dice you find best suits your playing style and character boosts. At the moment there are 14 different sets of dice, which are split up into; 1-star dice, 2-star dice, 3-star dice, VIP dice, and Event dice. Similar to each Character having special traits and perks, the dice come with different levels of control and boosts. These percentages of control and special abilities increase each time they are upgraded. Some dice will go as high as 6 star upgrades but nothing further than that.

In order to upgrade dice, it requires spending a lot of time, Gold and in some cases Gems. VIP dice fragments are sometimes available in daily login rewards, but are usually attained by using Gems in the Draw Fragments section. The VIP draw typically charges 120 Gems per draw and gives anywhere from 60-90+ fragments of a specific die. Once a week there is typically a half price draw for these fragments so I would advise saving up gems and spending them in bulk on one of these days.

At the moment there are over 90 different choices in skill cards to choose from. The option of making a skill card deck that you use to your own advantage in the game is arguably the biggest thing that sets this game apart from a game like Monopoly. Each player is allowed a total of 9 card per deck that the player can use at different times in the game. 3 of the cards are in your Starting Card slots, meaning when you start the game these 3 cards are already in your hand and are able to be played. The remaining 6 are in your supplementary Card section, and are pulled at random every 3 turns.

Once you have joined the App and acclimated to the playing style, and begin the process of evolving your own technique the next step is to find a Guild that can help you grow further. This game is not specifically a single player forum, honestly I think most of the players use this game in its multiplayer mode. Joining a Guild is a great way to find other players to enjoy games with, where you are able to construct decks that play off one another in more effective combinations that you would not have had the opportunity to do otherwise. In a guild it unlocks another really great feature called Guild Wars, which begin every Friday night and go until Sunday, where the Guild joins together and attempts to get as many guild points as possible to qualify for specific rewards.

There are 4 basic playing channels that can be accessed when playing the game; Rookie, Professional, Master, and Grand Slam. The Rookie channel closes to all players who have over 5b Joy points, every other channel is always open to players with enough Joy to pay the entry fees. Each category has its own loss cap ranging from 5b- 150b per game, so make sure you are ready to risk losing big when you enter a channel like Grand Slam!

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