Savannah, Georgia: St. Patty’s Day


The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade was held in 1813, so the festivities have had almost 200 years to grow. There was a significant Irish population when Savannah was founded and the community has held onto and continued to celebrate their heritage. The Irish celebrations aren’t confined to St. Patrick’s Day, but kick off in the middle of February and continue through the end of March. The weather is very mild and lends itself to an enjoyable party atmosphere, especially since downtown Savannah has an open-container policy, that allows adults to walk around town with alcoholic beverages in hand.


So as March 17 approaches, the people of Savannah prepare for the largest parade and party of the year. I had the opportunity to live near Savannah during my military time. It never fails that starting around this time of year everyone starts making plans to head down to watch the parade and drink green beer(if your 21 or older). I had the chance to experience both sides of St. Patty’s day, the celebrations that happen and the law enforcement side.


The celebrations the weekend of St. Patty’s Day are endless. I think that everyone should experience it at least once. The fountains run green, the parade route is lined with people and everyone is a little Irish for the Annual St Patrick’s Day Parade in Savannah, Georgia. Festive floats, marching bands, elaborate costumes and authentic Irish music will mark the great, green time of the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade.Since Savannah allows adults to walk around in town with an adult beverage in hand (in a plastic cup), there are plenty of places to get one of the historic green beers. There are activities for people of all ages.


Experiencing the party on the other side was actually pretty fun. I got to work with two local Savannah PD officers and we patrolled the streets for a little bit looking for people that needed help. After a while we ended up taking up a spot near river street(pictured above). We were there helping the local PD to collect the soldiers that decided to get unruly. We looked out for underage kids thinking they could get away with the open container law. It turned out to be a pretty pleasant experience.

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