Being a student veteran…


Being a student Veteran is not as easy as people think. Yes, having life experience and living the military dream is amazing but coming home and pretty much starting all over is hard. After being in the military for four years, starting school again was like jumping in to an ice bath. Nothing is more shocking and eye opening then going to school with kids that are almost 10 years younger then you. Everyday there is something new to complain about and something new that offends them. I guess that I just have tough skin from being in the military and nothing really offends me but the things that are being complained about are petty and there are more important things in life to worry about. For the most part I just let them complain because saying something to them is just going to make them complain more. Dealing with the younger kids these days is hard. In the military, yes, kids complain but that’s what happens when you give up sign up, you have to follow certain rules and regulations. You become a more responsible adult. Being a student Veteran is a different type of experience and seeing the younger generation and how they carry themselves is amazing. I am not saying it is everyone but most kids feel they are entitled to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

–I miss…the camaraderie…the friendships…the hard times…the training…the deployments…the work…the complaining (because its -5 out and all I have on is a ACU jacket)…proving myself that I can do what the boys do…I miss the long nights of working 72 hours straight…I miss being a Soldier. —

Coming back to school after the military was an easy choice but some of the classes I have to take in order to graduate are ridiculous. When getting out of the military there were about seven mandatory classes that we had to take to learn to get along with the real world again. I learned how to write a resume, cover letter and did mock interviews to help me get the job I want to have. I even took a federal resume class to be able to apply to federal jobs with the right resume. I probably have more books and paperwork on these things that I ever wanted. Having to take Del Val 1 and 2 is pretty much pointless for me. The people that taught our classes were from the Department of Defense. Even though I have no idea what I want to do with my life, having to learn how to dress for an interview is something I already know how to do. Having to take these classes are just adding extra stress to my already full plate. Being back at school and being treated like I am 18 again is frustrating, I know that teachers cant cater to one or two students in the class but at least acknowledge that there are older student in the class and that we can be more responsible and maybe in some classes we have examples that we have lived through or have dealt with personally.

I want…to succeed…to be responsible…to help other students when they need help…to be able to share my life experiences with people…to get help from classmates when I need help and not be judged…I want to be that student that people remember for the respect and courtesy of others (and of course getting good grades).

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