Seniors- It’s time to let go.

To my fellow senior classmates:

It is almost that time of year. Graduation is virtually upon us. It won’t be long before the big white tent goes up on the field, we will march across the stage, and get handed a piece of paper that is suppose to claims we are ready for the “real world” of adult responsibilities and employment.

For some of us this has been a day that has been anticipated for the last four or however many years. Some of us count off the days and wish them to go by faster. Some of us wish these four years would never end. Others like myself have mixed emotions on this bitter sweet situation.

I have grown as a person on this campus. From the first night I realized I was all on my own in my cinder block dorm room with the peeling wall paint, to walking into class my final semester here being able to call the professor by first name. I will not attempt to pretend that everything here the last four years was easy and full of rainbows and butterflies, because that would be a lie. I will also not pretend that my experiences here were the same as everyone else’s, because that also wouldn’t be not true. However there are some commonalities we all share.

We’ve all eaten food from the cafeteria that has made us question if that really is chicken or if something got mislabeled. We’ve all experienced the glory of three sleepless nights of A-Day weekend, where we unarguably all made a few questionable choices. We’ve all stayed up all night studying for at least one exam, paper or presentation. We’ve all  experienced the humorous campus wide emails, that are usually followed by a correction email. We’ve all been asked if our school in in Delaware. We’ve all been asked if everyone is a farmer where we attend school. We’ve all been asked a ridiculous question about a farm animal that we may or may not know the answer too. But it’s time to let these things go.

In two months (or 11 weeks) this will all become a distant memory, that we may or may not look back on fondly. Drinking two bottles of wine on a Tuesday just because will become frowned upon, walking across campus and wonder why they haven’t cut down the Ginkgo trees will be over, and in real life there is no such thing as an epic A-Day weekend.

However we are written into the history of this campus, like it is written into us. It is undeniable that we are a group of proud people. We take pride in our campus, we take pride in our hands on learning, we take pride in the extracurriculars we are involved in. We are so proud that we have a whole day titled “Pride and Polish.” So maybe not everything was great during your time here, maybe the food was bad, or you had your heart broken, or you had to change your major six times to find the one that fit just perfectly for you. This campus taught us all how to be proud. Proud of where we come from, and what we do. Whatever negative things that may have happened to you here I challenge you to imagine your life without this place.

I am not the same 18 year old who sat alone in her cinder block dorm room four years ago. The girl who will walk across the stage in 11 weeks may look the same as the one that came in here but I can assure you she is not. I have been on a great rollercoaster journey to self discovery while I have been here. However it is becoming that time. That time that we all have to to take what we have experienced and learned here and put it into motion out in the real world. It’s time to let go.

So when they hand you that piece of paper as a right of passage into the real world I hope you remember all of the things it represents about this place. I hope you remember all of the good and bad memories about this place. And I hope just some part of you feels a pull to this quirky, small school, located somewhere in Delaware.  

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