Why you need positive people to be successful

Why you need positive people to be successful:

It would be easy to argue with what I am about to say. Maybe you are a loner and will respond “I don’t need anyone to be successful”. Maybe you have been let down by someone one too many times. Maybe you are currently surrounded by toxic people in your life. Or maybe someone was drilling holes in your ship rather than rowing.  Whatever your outlook it’s undeniable that we as human beings (and college students) all have goals.

Maybe you want to be successful in your future career, or are working towards a great relationship, or maybe you want to run a marathon (although I don’t know why you would want to do that). Whatever goal you may it is inarguable that negative people are toxic to your goals.

Still don’t believe me? I want you to think about it for a minute. Not just think about it but REALLY think about how you are going to get there. Are you picturing it? Good. Don’t let it out of your thought process. Now let me paint you a picture—

I am on the quest to compete at the intercollegiate national horse show in Kentucky in May. I am in search of a high paying job, where what I do every day really matters to someone. I am working on having a successful relationship. So how am I going to do that?

Well if you look beyond the obvious reasons, like the fact that I need a team to ride on to go to nationals, or that I need someone to actually hire me to start my successful career, it would be virtually impossible to do this without a positive group of people helping row my ship.

I wouldn’t have found out about the job I interviewed for last week without my coach’s help. I wouldn’t have gotten an interview if the majority of the English department hadn’t helped be create a resume, online portfolio, and interview plan of attack. I wouldn’t have gotten a second round interview if it wasn’t for my ever loving roommates helping me pick out the perfect outfit and quizzing me endlessly on potential interview questions.

Now this may seem like all of the ingredients you need for success right? Wrong. These people had something more. I wouldn’t have even emailed my resume in the first place if all the people around me told me I wasn’t good enough, and shouldn’t. They didn’t just say “you’re resume needs this, this, and this fixed, good luck kid”. They were positive. They encouraged me, they said “they will love you”. They sat up late and read drafts of my cover letter, they said “how can they say no to you with those shoes?” They were the radiant positivity that that acted as steps to my potential success.

—Now, go back to imagining your goal. You’ve still be picturing it right? Good. Now imagine the day your goal is met. Say you win your marathon, and you’re standing up there on top of the podium. Who would you thank? Who would you want to be there? Who do you wish you had eliminated from your life earlier in the process? I guarantee someone went running with you, someone helped you plan a diet, and someone told you couldn’t. Who is that person? And why are you wasting your time with them?

It’s never just enough to be surrounded by people in your life. They have to be the right people. They have to be rowing your ship not drilling holes in it. They have to fight for you like you fight for them. If they do not have a positive impact on your life then do yourself and them a favor and move on.

I challenge you to see the glass half full. I challenge you to reevaluate the people that you surround yourself with. I challenge you to believe in the power of positivity. And I hope that climb the ladder to success to whatever goal that might be.

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