I have to say that I absolutely love this game. Not only does it give me a platform in video gaming that allows me to play on equal footing with my son who is almost 9, but it also allows for growth in the creative engineering of every gamer. Playing the version for X-Box 360 is convenient because updates are available about once every couple of months, allowing for an evolution of gameplay and new discoveries to be made. Minecraft allows every player to unlock new imaginative potential, whether it is recreating breathtaking architecture from around the world, from fantasy/ Sci-Fi novels or the creation of something completely original it is all possible within the game. Given enough time and will power Minecrafters from around the globe can create almost anything.

A great thing about the Minecraft community is that gamers are always sharing their creations on the internet, allowing for step by step guides that other gamers can follow to recreate the concepts into their own Minecraft game. Unlike games that I had growing up, and entire online community is able to play with you whenever you log in. There are options available that can be selected where you are able to open a game to online, allowing other players to come onto your file and build (or destroy/ loot) whatever they choose.

For those who have never heard of Minecraft, it is a platform that involves controlling a character, who goes around collecting materials, combining materials to make tools, gathering food, trying to find a village and a lot of fighting with different monsters/ animals. There are different styles of gameplay, for example, a free-based mode (“Creative”) which allows you to create anything, anywhere the game. The game will load with the max amount of every resource available to your character, cutting out any time you may have had to mine to find such materials (a substantial amount of time!) in this mode you can also load up host privileges and allow your character to fly up and survey the map of the landscapes. The flying feature also allows the player to create things like floating islands and hot air balloons (that’s not to say they couldn’t be created outside of this mode but it takes a lot longer and requires a bunch of saves) I personally created a military style helicopter in this mode that dropped TNT creating pretty cool explosions.

Minecraft is defiantly a game that requires an ample amount of patience (especially when partnering with a 9 year old) but in the end it is a game that brings people together, it defies gender, age, creed, etc. and allows gamers from different walks of life to come together and help create beautiful masterpiece(s).

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