American Horror Story Hotel

One of my favorite things about the American Horror Story series is that each season stands on its own rather than building off of it’s previous seasons. Unfortunately for most American Horror Story fans, season 5 was nothing short of a disappointment. In fact the only thing that was done well was the costuming. It would seem the inclusion of Lady Gaga over actress Jessica Lange meant cutting out the writing staff. In all honesty I am sure the same amount of funding was provided for however the entire season relied on the idea of torture porn (think movies like Saw and Hostel). The most “shocking” and “horrific” parts of the show were completely unoriginal, bodies were being displayed as grotesque pieces of art (akin to House of 1000 Corpses) and then there was the plot being about Vampires feeding on blood having massive amounts of sex and then in their off time stealing children. There was an interesting tie into a previous season for those who have watched season 3 entitled “Coven”, one episode features a prominent character from that season. In the end the resolution was painfully boring and dissatisfying, I recommend skipping over this season all together!

Another thing that really angered me was the inclusion of pretty much every serial killer that the mass public would remember off hand. There was no obscurity or guess work for the viewer, everything was explained in their short dialogues on Devil’s Night. As someone that is very interested in the human psyche, especially abnormalities and such, the basic and one dimensional development of Richard Ramirez (16+ victims over the span of a year), Gordon Nothcott (20+ victims over the span of 2 years), Aileen Wuornos (7, 1 year) The Zodiac Killer (20+, over 2 decades) whose costuming looked ridiculous, John Wayne Gacy (33, 6 years), and Jeffery Dahmer (17, 13 years) was completely unacceptable. Anyone who has ever been interested in serial killers, especially American serial killers would have had knowledge of the men and woman mentioned above and with television channels dedicated to going inside the mind of killers, showing interviews with the killers themselves along with their loved ones it is disgraceful that such a lack of concern existed in working to get the actual character of each one of these killers correct and on screen. The few quips added in about sexual preferences and one line when Ramirez says “I don’t need a key” (referring to his history of breaking and entering) was halfhearted and shows a complete lack of research on these characters.

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