Spring Break = Spring Bank

Ah, spring break. For me, and most of my friends, it was the greatest excuse to sit back, watch NetFlix, cuddle with your cat under the blanket, and hope nobody had the audacity to knock on your door or call your cell phone. To me, spring break was the excuse to do nothing, and to postpone whatever I was supposed to be doing until I was done indulging in long hours of watching The Office and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. However for other folks, specifically advertisers and marketers, spring break means big bucks, especially in southern places like Florida and even Panama. If your one of the lucky ones traveling to one of these destinations for your spring break, you might be interested in knowing how and why you’re going to spend your money during your week of drunkenness and regretful decisions.

Spring break is a big deal in the U.S. According to CBS, nearly 38% of students go to spring break, and 42% of students travel. With the flock of students rushing to the south to get their spring break on, approximately 2.08 billion dollars are spent on airline tickets, alcohol, and hangover cures like Gatorade and any greasy food you could possibly imagine For marketers and advertisers, this offers a huge opportunity for large amounts of profits in very little time. States like Florida, who are obviously a large target for spring breakers, bring in on average 170 million dollars of revenue from the drunkenly crazed college students.

Now of course, spring break isn’t solely about the profits. Areas such as Panama City on average experience a 70% rise in crime rate during the spring break seasons. Damage costs to pay for defaced, stolen, and broken property reaches more than $100,000 in areas such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale. However, the benefit far outweighs the cost for advertisers and marketers.

The cities that host the students are not the only parties that benefit from the spring break season, which usually runs from late February to late March. Airlines usually experience a 35% raise in tickets during the spring break season. In fact, $428 million are spent on airline tickets alone. Why such a large amount of money. According to The Atlantic.com, approximately 42% of students plan to travel for spring break.

And of course, what would spring break be without alcohol? According to CBS, the average male consumer 18 drinks a DAY during spring break, with the average female consuming approximately 10 drinks. Knowing this, establishments such as hotels and restaurants offer deals on booze, by offering very cheap or even free alcohol. This is in an effort to get traffic into these their establishments and boost their sales.

If you’re lucky enough to be going to one of these southern destinations for spring break, try and look around and see some of the things that marketers and advertisers are doing in an effort to get you to buy their product. I’ve always found it interesting to find out where my dollars are going and I hope you care enough to look into these sorts of things too. Over this spring break, I’ll be spending my dollars on Wawa sandwiches and Starbucks coffee. Where will yours be spent?spring break

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