Why you’re entitled to an opinion, but not every opinion:

We all have taken that class with the student who sits in the back of the class room and starts their sentences like–

“I haven’t done the reading BUT (insert ignorant opinion here)..”

When this happens I think two things:

  1. Why did you just tell this professor that you didn’t read the reading? Don’t you know you should just sit in the back, listen, and only put your input in on off topic subject?
  2. Why do you think it’s okay to voice an opinion on a subject that you have no education on?

If you are willing to tell your professor in front of the whole class that you didn’t read, I applaud you for your honesty, bravery, and for publicly shooting yourself in the foot. However, here is my biggest concern: we have accepted that we don’t need to be educated to have an opinion, and that everyone needs to hear what we have to say.

I think a problem in today’s society is that everyone, particularly young adults, think it’s okay to voice their opinion on EVERYTHING. Now you may think that I am unfairly accusing the millennial generation, but as a millennial I think it’s time to say enough is enough. You are not entitled to every and all opinions.

I’m sure at this point your response is something like, “Yes I can say whatever I want it’s called freedom of speech,” and you are right. You can say whatever you want about whatever you want. But when does it cross the line of using freedom of speech in an educated, valuable way, to just talking to simply talk? When are you not entitled to an opinion?

I think this is largely seen in regards to politics. There is a reason that campaigns target college students. They know that a lot of them are not going to go do in depth research on each candidate, so you slap a catchy slogan on a hat that says “Make America Great Again” and frat boys everywhere are suddenly your biggest fans.  Is this just an outstanding marketing tactic? Maybe. Or is it playing to the knowledge that it’s likely that if they can reel them in this way, they won’t go on to do research on the candidate or their competitors  and will simply just be hooked on a slogan and vote accordingly?

The great thing about our country is this: we are granted 12 years of free education and a lot of us move on to high education after that. Somewhere along those lines they taught us to read, and if you tie that together with the ever wonderful invention of the internet you are able to look up and read up on just about any subject that you want.

Do I think everyone should have a voice? Yes. Do I think you should be able to speak up when you need to? Yes. Do I think you should always be fearless to say what you think? Yes. Do I think that these things give you a right drive a discussion on a subject on subject about which you are not educated? NO.

Sometimes the best form of education is listening to other knowledgeable people around discuss a subject that they have read up on. If we all took a little more time to listen, and read I assure you we would be better off.

So here is my call to action—a request if you will—READ. Read on something before you go voicing your always grand, uneducated opinion of the latest and greatest topic of conversation you seem to think you are on expert on. And please (I’m begging you) don’t be that person in the back of the classroom who sounds stupid already because they openly admit they have not done the reading before voicing their opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not an uneducated one.

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