Parking Problems

Dear Delval University,

I might be wrong, but I feel as though all student and staff at the school are entitled to a high level of safety. I would like to see that the large sums of money that I pay each semester in tuition, along with the $80 each year I have to shell out on a parking permit, is going into improving the over all functions of the school. However- at least once every week- as I pull in and out of the parking lots, especially A lot in particular I am almost hit by another vehicle going the wrong way in a one way zone.

Honestly I cannot blame the other driver, because it is almost impossible to determine which direction the one way is going toward. There are no one way signs up and the arrows on the asphalt are so faded and cracked as to be almost indistinguishable. Which leaves the other vehicle and myself in the awkward position of trying to reverse safely back onto the road one of us had turned off of. Less than a month ago a student and a teacher collided, and the students entire front end came off.The sad thing is that the incident would have been avoided had there been proper signs in place, there is a complete lack of stop signs as well, leaving the right of way up to interpretation!

The solution to the problem is simple and quite cheap in comparison to the amount of money Delval has to fund its programs. I propose that One Way signs are purchased and put up, I have seen the sign itself being sold at $15 a piece. Also a the arrows on the asphalt need to be repainted and voila the problem is solved and the safety of students and staff members is looked after.

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