Dance at Delval

I recently had the privilege to interview the current President/ Captain of the dance team, Johanna Marano. It became apparent during the interview that Delval has a responsibility to support the passion of its students and that there needs to be a greater investment in the arts.

Johanna was kind enough to give me a brief history of the dance team (being a commuter i am fairly ignorant to how life on campus works). The team has been around for close to a decade, at the moment the team is comprised of 24 members and their style is a cross between Hip-Hop and Jazz. Johanna spends much of her time in collaboration with others in order to; pick out music, work on choreography, makes sure that everything flows and schedules performance times. All of this takes up a massive amount of time and because of this Johanna says: it “would be nice to have a coach, but we would need to be come a ‘sport’ and that would limit the creative process and existing governing body”. At the moment the team is completely self governing, and the members like it that way.

One of the main issues that the dance team finds frustrating is the financial burden.  With limited to no help from the university it is impossible for the team to afford matching uniforms. Financial aid would be helpful from the university as Johanna states; “because we are in between club and sport, we pay $20 in dues, we get minimal help from the university”.

At the moment the dance team can usually be seen preforming at homecoming and relay, though last fall the dance ream was not called on and recognized by the university, leaving the  members hurt “Delval should be supporting its own students and people”.


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