4 Adult Fantasy Series Worth Reading

My hope in posting this is to introduce you to a series, and in effect a world that is all together new. So often I over hear other students referencing fantasy novels or a series like Game of Thrones (great series) or The Magicians (not a fan) and I wonder how masterpieces such as these listed below have fallen through the cracks. If you have read any of these books, or are interested in knowing more about them feel free to comment, I would love to hear from you! Also suggestions are ALWAYS wanted and appreciated!! The series listed below were chosen based on the two most important criteria (in my opinion) concerning what makes a work great; originality, and well-crafted characters.

The Wheel of time

By Robert Jordan


In the epic, high fantasy world which Jordan has created over the span of 13 (14 including the prequel) books. Venturing into Jordan’s world is not recommended for fans of easy reading; it requires an investment of time and imagination. The reader’s immersion into Jordan’s world is an experience like none other. His attention to detail, complex characters and moral dilemmas all confined within a completely original construct sets this series apart from all others that have come before. Journey through an entirely new world, filled with dangers and magic’s in a quest to have good triumph over evil as the wheel of time turns into a brand new age.


The Gentleman Bastards

By Scott Lynch

(Unfinished series)

Lynch creates a cast of characters like no author has before, though the narrative is reminiscent of story lines like Game of Thrones (in that no one is safe) and Robin Hood (the heroic thief). Time and again the main character Lock Lamora (as we know him) and his companions find themselves in seemingly impossible situations, with no hope of escape. The twists and turns of the series that Lynch has created keeps his readers engaged and on their toes, emotionally invested in the characters and thirsting for the next installment. The story line follows a group of orphans, scooped up by Father Chains (as we know him) and schooled in the art of thievery, then let loose on the high society of Camorr, along with its darker underground.


The Stormlight Archives

By Brandon Sanderson

(Unfinished series)

Brandon Sanderson excels in this world of his own devising, he scores highly in points for originality in not only character and development but also in the construct of power and how power is acquired. The narrative starts off disjointed by delineating from the traditional narrative structure Sanderson takes his on a journey following the son of a surgeon, a former soldier who is branded as a slave and then sold. Throughout the novel Kaladin works his way from the very bottom ranks to the uppermost portion of society. Here is the story of triumph self-discovery and heartbreaking sorrow. War breaks out not only from without specific societies but also from within, this series is full of surprises and leaves you waning more.


The First Law Trilogy

By Joe Abercrombie


Joe Abercrombie has out done himself in terms of the developing and crafting of his characters. The series is dark, gritty, cynical and truly depressing. The character that sticks with me most, and who I find to be the most well-crafted and true to form is Sand dan Glokta a former hotshot Cavalry Officer taken as a POW then returned home only to end up working for the Inquisition. His entire story line becomes a series of tragic events that are dark and yet humorous. There are plenty of battles, magic, barbarians and characters who the reader goes from loathing one moment to sympathizing and rooting for the next.



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