Racism in Sports Series

The “Racism in Sports Series” held by the Black Student Union on Thursday February 12. The event took place in the Life Sciences Building where the goal was to talk in a safe space about the racial issues that are going on in the world.

The event opened by viewing footage of the Cam Newton, post Superbowl loss, press conference. The footage came from an article titled “That Time Payton Manning Was A Bad Sport and Barely Anyone Cared”. This bit of footage has been taking over social media.

Social media feedback of that footage received a wide range of feedback. Newton has been criticized for appearing with a sweatshirt on and a hood over his head, for walking off, and for being aggressive.

The students of the Black Student Union feel this is not just a race issue but a social issue. The conversation transitioned into police violence against African Americans, attacks the media has made on African Americans, and the unjust stereotypes placed on African Americans of all ages.

The real problem that faced this discussion was the lack of student involvement; six people showed up to the event: 4 African American students, and 3 self-identified white students.  Keith Jenkins, a senior business major, who ran the discussion last night said “Everyone operates in their own circle here, if just a few people were willing to break out of that circle and out of there comfort zone then maybe our campus would be less divided”.

The Black Student Union hopes to grow these discussion in numbers, and encourage more people to voice their opinion so that a greater understanding of all sides can be reached.

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