Open letter to the student who is not involved

Open Letter to the Student who is not involved:

I would like to say that I see you. I see you being not involved. I see you lurking in the shadows of this university, criticizing what goes on here.

I hear your negative comments as I walk by on campus. You criticize the organizations, you criticize your dorm environments, and above all you criticize each other.

My point of this letter is not reciprocate your negativity by ridiculing you. My point is to try to make a pass at understanding you.

On average you as a college student at DelVal you pay $51,000 a year to go here. Why would you choose to come to a university that prides itself on student involvement to not take advantage of the more than 70 clubs we have here on campus? Not to mention Greek Life, and the other hundreds of ways to get involved here.

Do you like bee keeping? Try Apiary Society. Do you want to rock climb? Try Rock Climbing Club. You like helping the elderly? Check out Smile Station. Are you a veteran? Talk to the members of the Student Veterans of America. You want to try out riding horses? Email me about our Equestrian Team.

But here it the best part…Are you ready for it?…

None of these things sounds appealing to you? Make your own club! It was your choice to come here. So ultimately it is your own choice to choose to sit in your room and not take advantage of all of the opportunities this University has to offer.

However I find that the majority of the negativity on social media, or that is spoken around this school, about this school is from students who have never taken the full head first leap into the world of student involvement.

So maybe I didn’t write this letter to make a pass at understanding those of you who are not involved. Maybe I wrote this to challenge you to try something new. Maybe you won’t like the first thing you pick to do. Don’t let that stop you. KEEP TRYING.

The best things I’ve done in my time here at DelVal are the ones that I never expected I would get to do. Life opens its doors to you when you are willing to take a chance on the unknown.

Be Brave. Get out of your dorm room. And stop lurking in the shadows of negativity.

-An involved student

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