Study Smarter, Not Harder


Before I joined the Military I was a horrible student, never studied or did well on tests. Surprisingly the Military taught me to study, I had to study for tests for my job and boards (promotions/ soldier of the month). These tips are just a few that I took away from being in the Military.


1. How you approach studying matters…
Sometimes you can’t get yourself to be in the right mood to study, and during such times you should simply avoid studying. If a relationship issue distracts you, an upcoming game, or finishing an important project, then studying is just going to end in frustration. Come back to it when you’re not focused by something else going on in your life.
• Think positively when you study!!
• Don’t compare yourself to others!!

2. Where you study is important…
The library, quiet areas in a building (LSB has good quiet areas), and off-campus are good places to check out. Make sure to choose the quiet areas in these places, not the loud, central gathering areas. Take a look at multiple places on-campus and off-campus; don’t just pick the first one your find as “good enough” for your needs and habits. Finding a “perfect” study place is important; because it’s one you can really count on for the next few years and possibly pass on to future students.

3. Bring everything you need…
Don’t forget the things you need to study for the class, exam or paper. Whatever is needed for focusing on during the study session, make sure you have with you. Nothing is more time-consuming and wasteful than having to run around because you forget an important book, paper, or some other resource you need to be successful. If you study best with your favorite music-playing, make sure your iPod is with you and that it is charged.

4. Make a schedule you can stick to…
Instead of last-minute cramming sessions, better prepared because you haven’t put off all the studying into one 12-hour marathon. Spending 30 or 60 minutes every day you have a class studying for that class before or after is a lot easier and will allow you to actually learn more. Some people study every day, others put it off to once or twice a week. The frequency isn’t as important as actually studying on a regular basis. Even if you just crack open a book once a week for a class, it’s better than waiting until the first exam in a massive cram session.

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