Book Review- Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill



When I started to read Think and Grow Rich, I had little to no expectations as to how it would benefit me. Around that time, I had recently tried to define what success meant to me. Success is a broad term and it means something different to everybody. It can mean obtaining your goals, making large sums of money, or even just making the Dean’s List for a semester. Thanks to Think and Grow Rich, I defined my meaning of success. I learned that the terms “riches” and “wealth” are relative, and don’t always have to pertain to how much money you are making. If you love what you do and the money comes with it, that’s great. But if you don’t make six figures a year and drive a Maserati, you can still be happy knowing you are doing what you love, and you successfully found your dream.

Written by Napoleon Hill in 1937, Think and Grow Rich acts as a map on one’s quest to find what success means to them, and how one can obtain it. The reason I found this book so powerful and meaningful was because not only did it help me to define what success meant to me, but it also emphasizes the importance of your thinking process, which I learned is the major factor if one is going to find success. Previous to reading Think and Get Rich, I never knew the true value of a positive mindset, and it meant to control your own thoughts. Think and Get Rich offers the formula followed by many other successful people, including J.D Rockefeller and William Hoard Taft.

Now I know the title Think and Grow Rich may lead one to think that it’s simply a book that teaches one how to make large sums of money. While that is partially true, the meaning behind the book is much deeper than that. While the book acts as a motivational tool to help you re-frame your mind for success, it also offers a detailed outline of how to obtain it. It acts on those two levels to help give you the best chance to become successful.

The book takes you through the steps to frame your mind for success, and then sets a guideline for you to follow on your own path. It will start by helping you realize that your future has not been determined yet, and that you decide on where you go in terms of your life direction. It then takes you step by step on how to condition your mind for success; eventually helping you to define what success means to you, and giving you the tools to obtain it.

As a fellow college student, I highly recommend you purchase Think and Grow Rich. Why? Because I believe everyone deserves to be happy, and be able to become successful at following their dream. I believe that everyone has a purpose in this world, and you should do everything you can to find what it is. If you haven’t found what makes you happy, and what will drive and motivate you to pursue success and your dreams, I believe Think and Grow Rich will help you find and pursue it. Just like me, you have a dream of being successful. If you read Think and Grow Rich, you will find what that means to you.








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